Entry #2

My upcoming movie :D

2007-07-28 12:31:16 by LeetKid

Well, about a year ago I drew a guy in a suit with a sword longer than he, and saved it as SwordGuy.fla .

About a month ago from this date, I spent one Sunday morning cleaning him up and making a library full of customizable armor and features :D

A few weeks ago, I made him even better and posted an update and I've been working on ever since.

Either post a comment or a reply to my topic if you like him.

Link to the original topic! :D

Version 1, I think.

Version 2.

The SwordGuy I had originally drawn was complete crap, so I used that as a model and redrew the whole character, changing a few things, so the Version 1 is actually Version 2, and Version two is actually version three. :D

(The Swordguy is version 1, for you dummys.)


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2007-10-30 02:22:41

Did you try to make your "sword guy" look like a little kids drawing or is that actually your best your ability that your so pretentiously prideful of

How about actually having some talent before you show off

hmm iono why im wasting my time commenting your profile, i think its because you look like an asshole on that t shirt design topic. sorry, assholes piss me off