My upcoming movie :D

2007-07-28 12:31:16 by LeetKid

Well, about a year ago I drew a guy in a suit with a sword longer than he, and saved it as SwordGuy.fla .

About a month ago from this date, I spent one Sunday morning cleaning him up and making a library full of customizable armor and features :D

A few weeks ago, I made him even better and posted an update and I've been working on ever since.

Either post a comment or a reply to my topic if you like him.

Link to the original topic! :D

Version 1, I think.

Version 2.

The SwordGuy I had originally drawn was complete crap, so I used that as a model and redrew the whole character, changing a few things, so the Version 1 is actually Version 2, and Version two is actually version three. :D

(The Swordguy is version 1, for you dummys.)

New NG?

2007-07-17 18:39:57 by LeetKid

As said earlier,

"New look, same great taste."

Is newgrounds really a better site than two days ago?

Or is just the visual aspect of it better?

You decide.